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Code Description Count
sellers_url_domains Url sellers[].domain field. 1
sellers_subdomain_domains Subdomain sellers[].domain field. 1

Ad Sellers

Breakdown of the ad seller records from wideorbit.com's sellers.json file. Sellers can represent publishers, intermediaries, or both. They may have public ownership information, or be marked as confidential.

Ownership Publisher Intermediary Both Total
Public 80 6 0 86
Confidential 0 0 0 0
Total 80 6 0 86

Authorizing Entities

Breakdown of the sites (ads.txt) and app developers (app-ads.txt) that authorize accounts from wideorbit.com. They may authorize them as direct or reseller accounts.

Resource Direct Reseller All
ads.txt 4,791 65 4,816
app-ads.txt 1,870 54 1,885

Owned Sellers

Sellers from other ad systems that list wideorbit.com as the owner domain.

Status Publisher Intermediary Both Total
Ok 0 5 1 6
Missing 0 1 0 1
Total 0 6 1 7