Details for ad seller 105199365 on amxrtb.com

Seller Details

First Fetched2021-04-17T09:34:48+00:00
Last Fetched2023-12-01T08:22:12+00:00
Last ChangeModify
Last Changed2022-06-24T00:11:06+00:00
Seller Type BOTH
Confidential false
Passthrough false
Owner Name Snigel
Owner Domain snigelweb.com
Normalised Domain snigelweb.com

Authorizing Entities

The number of the sites (ads.txt) and app developers (app-ads.txt) that authorize amxrtb.com seller 105199365, broken down by the declared relationship.

Resource Direct Reseller All
ads.txt 110 524 631
app-ads.txt 5 72 74

Seller Profile

The profile for amxrtb.com seller 105199365, based on the sites and app developers that authorize it. Profiles are recalculated periodically, so may not incorporate recent changes.

Expected Type BOTH
Expected Domain -

Profile Warnings

Code Description
multiple_owners Authorized direct by multiple owners.


Change Type Name Domain First Fetch Last Fetch
Migrate BOTH Snigel snigel.com - 2022-06-23
Modify BOTH Snigel snigelweb.com 2022-06-24 -