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Sellers.json Details

Contact AddressGyneju st. 16, Vilnius, Lithuania

Current Sellers

Breakdown of the ad seller records from's sellers.json file. Sellers can represent publishers, intermediaries, or both. They may have public ownership information, or be marked as confidential.

Ownership Publisher Intermediary Both Total
Public 0 0 0 0
Confidential 296 0 0 296
Total 296 0 0 296


Code Description Count
sellers_integer_ids Integer sellers[].seller_id field. 58


Code Description Count
sellers_duplicate_ids Duplicate sellers[].seller_id field. 1

Seller Profiles

Sellers are profiled based on the sites (ads.txt) and app developers (app-ads.txt) that authorize them. Profiles are recalculated periodically, so may not incorporate recent changes.

Authorized Sellers

The number of current sellers authorized by at least one site or app developer, broken down by the declared relationship.

Resource Direct Reseller All
ads.txt 127 10 132
app-ads.txt 14 0 14

Expected Types

Comparison between the declared types of current sellers and their expected types, based on the relationships declared by the sites and app developers that authorize them.

Expected Type Publisher Intermediary Both
Publisher 123 0 0
Intermediary 5 0 0
Both 5 0 0

Profile Warnings

Description Count
Not authorized by any known site/app. 163
Authorized direct by multiple owners. 34
Type doesn't match expected type. 10

Authorizing Entities

The number of sites (ads.txt) and app developers (app-ads.txt) that authorize accounts from, broken down by the declared relationship.

Resource Direct Reseller All
ads.txt 342 18 350
app-ads.txt 111 0 111

Owned Sellers

Sellers from other ad systems that list as the owner domain.

Status Publisher Intermediary Both Total
Ok 6 19 14 39
Missing 0 17 0 17
Total 6 36 14 56