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Seller Details

Alternate Sellers
First Fetched2021-06-09T08:29:19+00:00
Last Fetched2023-02-01T09:15:15+00:00
Last ChangeMigrate
Seller Type BOTH
Confidential false
Passthrough false
Owner Name Bossip
Owner Domain
Normalised Domain

Authorizing Entities

The number of the sites (ads.txt) and app developers (app-ads.txt) that authorize seller bhmd41, broken down by the declared relationship.

Resource Direct Reseller All
ads.txt 0 0 0
app-ads.txt 0 0 0

Seller Profile

The profile for seller bhmd41, based on the sites and app developers that authorize it. Profiles are recalculated periodically, so may not incorporate recent changes.

Expected Type -
Expected Domain -

Profile Warnings

Code Description
not_authorized Not authorized by any known site/app.


Change Type Name Domain First Fetch Last Fetch
Migrate BOTH Bossip - -