Authorized Digital Sellers data for hitta.se

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Site Domain hitta.se
Base Domain hitta.se
Scan Status Ok
Last Scan2022-08-15T05:01:52+00:00
Next Scan 2022-08-29T05:01:52+00:00

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URL https://hitta.se/ads.txt
Redirect https://www.hitta.se/ads.txt
Redirect Domain www.hitta.se
Redirect Base hitta.se
IP Address
Found Yes
Hash 6696ea09fd32c801caf9e3b90a7020bdc6f5ddf8dddfd3d62806271867c6719e
SimHash 72c8d2403b22

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Direct Records (12)

Ad System Seller ID Cert. ID
adform.com 2626 -
appnexus.com 11902 -
concept.dk C-01096 -
google.com pub-2846557030358316 f08c47fec0942fa0
google.com pub-4087220871551919 f08c47fec0942fa0
keymobile.se 1017001 -
leeads.com 1 -
netricsales.com 22262 -
pubmatic.com 156300 5d62403b186f2ace
pubmatic.com 157919 5d62403b186f2ace
rubiconproject.com 22262 0bfd66d529a55807
rubiconproject.com 22264 0bfd66d529a55807

Reseller Records (12)

Ad System Seller ID Cert. ID
adform.com 125 -
adform.com 2608 9f5210a2f0999e32
adform.com 582 9f5210a2f0999e32
adform.com 9 9f5210a2f0999e32
google.com pub-1483186529645269 f08c47fec0942fa0
netricsales.com 12032 -
netricsales.com 17246 -
netricsales.com 17310 -
pubmatic.com 158969 5d62403b186f2ace
rubiconproject.com 12032 0bfd66d529a55807
rubiconproject.com 17246 0bfd66d529a55807
rubiconproject.com 17310 0bfd66d529a55807